Wednesday, April 8, 2015

CGMA Dynamic Sketching

 Interesting in sketching? Interesting in making dynamic drawings? Wanna combine the two of those ideas into one? Well you're in luck! Learn how to draw with just the minimal amount of tools efficiently, but visually dynamic. I've been teaching this class for over a year now and it's for all skill levels. Check it out....

Interested? Here's the link

Monday, March 30, 2015

After a long hiatus....

BAM! More than a year has passed since the last post and it can summed up in one...Neglect. I've got the same excuse as any blogger about not updating, so I'll spare everyone the details. Wildstar launched almost a year ago and so far so good.

Before I get to the goods, I'd like to thank some awesome people who I had the chance to work with in the concept department back in day. They kicked a lot of concept ass and made working along side them enjoyable, challenging and a good learning experience as an artist. Cory Loftis, Mindy Lee, and Andy Cotnam are these individuals.

And now back to the show....

 More to come soon....

Friday, October 25, 2013

Concepts for WildStar Part 04

Armor and Player Stuff

Amors! The object players grind and lust for while playing an MMO. Here's a small sampling of  armors that you can acquire in the game. Concepting armor or gear is one of the assignments I enjoy most and I jump at the opportunity whenever it arises. The last concept is some character customization options for a  player character.


 So now you're in the game, geared up and ready for an epic adventure. You dig your surroundings, you're immersed the world....and then you're violently attacked by a blue, googly eye thing. You're just trying to enjoy the scenery. Here's some concepts of those very things that prevent you from your vista and or journey. These are concepts for fodder enemies as well some higher level baddies you'll encounter in WildStar.

Misc Stuff

Here some bonus stuff...I think.

Concepts for Wildstar Part 03


Here's a batch of vehicles. When time permits, turnarounds are created to aid the 3D guys. An assist is always welcomed to streamline the pipeline. The last three vehicles are revisited version originally drawn by Cory Loftis.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Concepts for Wildstar Part 02


Most if not all MMOs need structures for their characters to stand by, stand in, show off or get murdered next to...WildStar is not an exception to that rule. A couple of these are buildings for the player races while the others are for the enemy. If you've seen footage and coverage of the game, you can identify which ones are which. If you haven't, check it out here.


Now we're down to the nitty gritty here folks. You've made a game, now you gotta populate the crap out of it, so it doesn't look like a barren wasteland of rocks, trees, sadness, and asteroids. Often overlooked or more like cared about the least, props make your world/game feel substantial/believable. If it were an ideal situation, you'd have thousands of props made and placed to fill out the virtual world...unfortunately there isn't time nor money.

Here's a variety of some small and large props that I created. The idea is create props that do double duty, not only should they function as objects in the world to fill up space, they should also help tell a story.

Concepts for WildStar Part 01

I should probably provide some background information being as this is the first post in the series. I've been working over at Carbine Studios as a concept artist for almost six years now. Our first and current project is WildStar

The game has gone through quite a few iterations just like any other game in development. There have been ups and downs during the project, but the one thing (in my opinion) that has held steadfast is the art. I'm obviously biased about the department I'm working in, but if you were here, you'd feel the same. Go Art!


Here are some concepts from early on in the project. A lot of the zones in the game have changed since these were created.


Here are some interior concepts for the game.  The first two are early concepts and the last two are shots of the Ark ship for one of the factions.