Friday, October 25, 2013

Concepts for WildStar Part 04

Armor and Player Stuff

Amors! The object players grind and lust for while playing an MMO. Here's a small sampling of  armors that you can acquire in the game. Concepting armor or gear is one of the assignments I enjoy most and I jump at the opportunity whenever it arises. The last concept is some character customization options for a  player character.


 So now you're in the game, geared up and ready for an epic adventure. You dig your surroundings, you're immersed the world....and then you're violently attacked by a blue, googly eye thing. You're just trying to enjoy the scenery. Here's some concepts of those very things that prevent you from your vista and or journey. These are concepts for fodder enemies as well some higher level baddies you'll encounter in WildStar.

Misc Stuff

Here some bonus stuff...I think.

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