Thursday, October 24, 2013

Concepts for WildStar Part 01

I should probably provide some background information being as this is the first post in the series. I've been working over at Carbine Studios as a concept artist for almost six years now. Our first and current project is WildStar

The game has gone through quite a few iterations just like any other game in development. There have been ups and downs during the project, but the one thing (in my opinion) that has held steadfast is the art. I'm obviously biased about the department I'm working in, but if you were here, you'd feel the same. Go Art!


Here are some concepts from early on in the project. A lot of the zones in the game have changed since these were created.


Here are some interior concepts for the game.  The first two are early concepts and the last two are shots of the Ark ship for one of the factions.

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  1. These are too awsome. I hope you do more of these. Wildstar is on of my Favorite MMO's right now.